‘Architecture immortalises and glorifies something. Hence there can be no architecture where there is nothing to glorify.’ Ludwig Wittgenstein, 1947.

But maybe the event can glorify the architecture? A blank stage becomes animated through use and play.

‘Space and Time become Place and Occasion.’ Aldo van Eyck

‘Where there is no necessity, there can be nothing to celebrate (a folly is not architecture).’ Colin St John Wilson

If a building is designed not with an intended use, but an intention for use: when is it architecture? A building with only a potential for use, but not a current use, also only has the potential for architecture, for the use ‘glorifies’ it and transforms it from empty space into architectural space. But is it architecture which makes the potential uses possible?

‘This Great Age… bereft of imagination, where man is dying of spiritual starvation while having no feeling of spiritual hunger.’ Karl Kraus