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Apparently my life is becoming rather ‘cake-orientated’ these days… A recent obsession with cupcake making has led to making my own cake stands, and from  that to a slightly more costly obsession with scouring charity shops for pretty and/ or interesting china. I make the stands out of different sized plates with sherry glasses inbetween; sometimes I even throw on a few Swarovski sparkles…

I have a reputation for having slightly ‘border-lining’ taste (tripping happily along the  line between lovely and awful) and the more garish one shown in the photos I made for myself… The more tasteful floral one was made as a gift. Now that I’ve made a few of these cake stands, and got to grips with my glue-gun, I’m planning on making and selling them to order. I’m all stocked up on plates and glasses, so if you’d like a totally unique and quirky present for someone (or for yourself) let me know!

Fancy dress parties are always a brilliant excuse to make pretty things.

For a Burlesque themed party I’m going to on Saturday I made this fascinator: